Bobby Distel 

Photos Submitted By Bobby Distel

Status - Active
Home - Tiffin, Ohio
Car Number - 18
Division - 410 Super Sprints
Car Owner - Distel
Car Specs - 2001 Gambler, Kistler engine
Favorite Tracks - Fremont
Web Site - Unknown
Email - Unknown

Bobby Distel's cousin, Gene Breyman is credited with getting Bobby hooked on sprint car racing. Jerry Distel is a 3rd cousin.

Bobby will be back in the familiar #18 car in 2002, with the bulk of his work again concentrating on Fremont Speedway. He does plan on hitting the early Attica shows before Fremont opens to see how things go there. He would also like to run a few early season non-winged shows in order to be better prepared for the big non-winged show at Fremont later in the season.

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