Josiah Hedges Notes
Photocopied From the Baldwin Papers
Hayes Presidential Center, Fremont, Ohio

Josiah Hedges was the owner of the first bridge in Tiffin.
The above note shows a $2 fee for a years crossing of the bridge.
It can be assumed that Hedges made a small fortune on the bridge fees.

"$2.00. Due Josiah Hedges, or order, the sum of Two Dollars
for the right of crossing the Bridge one year, Witness
My hand this 10 day of February 1834
John W. Bailey"

This note to Josiah Hedges is for labor received.

"For Labor Received, I promise to pay Josiah
Hedges or order Three dollars and Twenty Eight
cents. Witness my hand and seal this 19th day
of May 1828
Henry Myers"