Dick Holcombe 

Status - Past Driver
Home - Bradner, Fostoria (Currently in West Chester, OH)
Car Number - 35, 92, 19, 8, 45, 9, 52, 71, 21, 00. 12, 54
Car Owners - Harold Van Ness, Kahler bros., Dick Kissler,
Harold Mitchem & L. Litton, Les Bowman, Jim Aldrich, Holcomb
Car Specs - Ford, Chevrolet, various custom built chassis's and Curtis Craft chassis
Favorite Tracks - "Any that paid good money" preferred dirt, also ran on asphalt
Time Period - 1957 - 1978
Web Site - Unknown
Email - Unknown

This information comes from Dick's brother Ron Holcomb:

At age 14 Dick took the family car apart to see how it worked. At age 15 he built his first car from various parts, a roadster that ran 130 mph and still runs today.

Raced in IMCA, USAC, All Stars, World of Outlaws, ARCA.

Dick also took a test ride in the unlimited hydroplane Miss Budweiser when it was piston powered. Dick is an Aerospace Engineer.

Types of cars driven:  hobby stocks, super modifieds, sprints, go karts (took 3rd in Chicago national event and clocked at 140 mph at Mid America track here in Ohio), indy cars, and snow mobiles.

States raced in: Ohio, Indiana, Pa., Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, California,Georgia, Florida, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Mich.

Wins: Not too many wins, but Dick ran in the top 5 for 5 years, top 10 for 7 years, won a lot of heats and several dashes, in Fremont, Findlay, Lima, Mansfield, Sandusky, Toledo, Michigan, Texas and several other tracks.

Dick was awarded an Up-side down trophy at Fremont (in the Hobby Stocks) for the "Most Spectacular Crash of the Year", it was the first race his mother ever got to watch him, she never watched him race again!

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