Roger M. "Buzz" Kirkhart

Years as Calvert Head Football Coach - 1974-84
Career Record - 76-34-5 (66%)

League Membership During Career - Sandusky Bay Conference 1974-84

Championships During Career - 5 consecutive SBC & 2 consecutive State Titles

A graduate of Ithaca College in New York, "Buzz" came to Calvert in 1974. In his first meeting with the team he promised them that they would soon be winning championships, a promise he was able to keep. As he said at that time, "You ain't braggin' if you can do it." A very confident man, Buzz was a great motivator and teacher of the game. It was a common event after practice for him to tell a story about his life growing up in southern Ohio, at the constant urging of his players.

I remember one time in particular when Buzz became frustrated with what he considered as the less-than-100% effort of our starting center at one practice. Turning his hat around backwards, he sternly told the player that he damned well better give 100% on the next play. He then lined up in a 4-point stance across from him and instructed an assistant to whistle in the play. When the whistle blew Buzz fired off the line hard and completely cleaned this senior player's clock, much to the amazement of all who looked on. He then calmly turned his hat back around and continued with practice.

After leaving Calvert, Buzz went on to start up the football program at Tiffin University. He later coached at Mount Vernon and Johnstown Northridge High Schools, taking both schools to the playoffs. I believe that he is now retired from coaching.

All in all Buzz is an amazing man. The following is a link to a 1981 article that helps illustrate this point.

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