Letter From Mother, Bettsville, Ohio
To Kate Benefiel, Toledo, Ohio
December 31, 1907
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell


Mother writes another of her news filled letters.
Bill has some annoying habits, but still she is glad someone is there to keep her company.

Tues night December 31 1907


I got your letter & Edward Everet True's picture, the ornery old koon.

I was out at Lou's yesterday, they butchered. I did not do anything, only rest & eat dinner. I did not see J V's girl, but he butchers day after tomorrow & I hope to go. I did not take much cold yesterday so will buy it again. Your dad moved Sam Merchant, our hand in his blacksmith shop. Carmie would not stay with him so he sold his place. Now she has to go on her own hook. Your dad was moving him all day. His canned goods are stored in our cellar & some things in the barn & some in the house. Bill Green is here, he says that is a fine place overhead in the shop, good enough for any lady to live in.

Say, did you know that Johny Puffenberger had 3 children? His oldest is the age of Vard & 2 little ones. The oldest told his Grandma Becca that they had another kid at the house. She asked what is it, he said 'a son of a bitch of a girl'. Ain't he a corker?

Ray & Jewell is at Mahler yet. They only stayed one half hour here, but we are old people. No young people likes to stay here. We have a pool table at the corner brick where Mrs. Maze used to keep at. She is married to George Flanders the preacher. Went for him today about her renting it for that purpose. I guess she regrets it too but it's too late.

Our good old cow will be fresh in one month & 3 days. I can hardly wait, she gives 2 pint a day, yet Jane gets one pint of that. Bill is asleep on his chair. Jerome is over town as usual. I have so many good books to read I don't get lonesome, can hardly stop long enough to write letters. I owe several but will answer you and J K. I had ought to write Val too. I do miss him when he don't come every other Sat. night. I believe he don't come because Bill is here. I can't chase the old skunk off. If he only would change his clothes I would not mind to have him around. He looks cleaner than he used to, but the bed gets so dirty. He gets things for the table too & does chores, I believe I would sooner have him than nobody around.

I owe several letters & would like to write Nervie Green. Val gave me her address. The Gardners was close to them but I don't know which one of the Gardners. I should like to hear from them people. J K writes that him, Austin and his 2 boys & their families will all live together. I wonder how long it will last but he has a big house & lots of land. It would be the best if they can agree. They say no house is big enough for 2 families. If it was my own kids I would like it sure. When are you people coming?

I heard today that a boy 12 years old shot himself in Tiffin with another boy's gun. Tom Green came to see if it was true that J V's had a baby.