Letter From Mother, Bettsville, Ohio
To Kate Benefiel, Toledo, Ohio
March 27, 1909
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell


Along with the usual news, Mother also shares her thoughts about her desire to see Katsy, and her bouts with loneliness.

Sat March 27 1909


I got your letter last night & thought I would answer before the 10 went north, but it is gone. I have been having all sorts of company. Bird intended to come & before she started, I guess the night before, George tumbled over so she made him come along. They went back yesterday. George ain't as fat as he used to be but he don't complain. I guess Roy & Julie is at J V's. They all intended to come here today. I can't wait to see Dorothy & Ronnie.

A lot of boys come to sell old iron, bones & rags. Jerome is not here so they are jumping for pass time & ok. The noise girls come with bones last evening & Jerome threw a part of them away, too green. I have to run to the door every few minutes. Some kids has a little bit of some trash to sell, I won't weigh it for them. It just struck & they ain't come yet. Yesterday & today is pretty weather. Makes me think of spring.

We look for you people every morn on the 4 o'clock train. Jerome says they ain't coming, but he goes and looks same as I do.

Old Tom Owens wanted to buy George's place at Old Fort but did not want to give anything for it, so he did not get it. They get six dollors and a half a month & don't have to see it. We have not got a cow but he got 12 pigs & sold 7 of them, but the pen is full of bores so the pigs waits, half of them not. The old jew is coming Sunday eve after the bores.

Say, Nellie is just getting over a spree, I get so mad at her. I have not seen Mahler's house lately, but I guess they are moving to it. I can't get over tow. Fay has been on the left but they say she is better. The sarrel mare she bought was so badly hurt but Jerome says now that she will get well if she has any care. Jerome had a sore hand & tending to it began swelling. He got afraid of blood poison & went to the doctor. He told Ernie he had to tend to it himself, he don't see very well I guess. Fay has had another mishap. She sure will kill herself yet. I went to see her once since she got sick. This time it is so far upstairs I can't hardly make it. I am better than I have been though. I sure am thankful for my stationary Bird brought for me, a lot too. Here comes the old man, now the squealing of the kids will stop. 1 of them had gathered up girls, boys & old women. Old Mrs. Ringle brought a bag of rags last evening.

Well I (illegible) & got dumber & just read your letter again. I do wish you lived nearer. They all eat dinner at Fay's today, no body come here yet. They dissapointed me bad, but I guess poor Fay wanted company too. If she don't take better care of herself she will go under soon. She is not afraid of anything, but Roy is a coward sure. I don't want to mail this till tomorrow so will wait later. Willie Sorge is here & I had lots of company. Emma (illegible) Julie & Fay, she is not stout though. Dorothy was here too.