Letter From Mother, Bettsville, Ohio
To Kate Benefiel, Toledo, Ohio
April 16, 1909
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell


Mother seems to be struggling to find enough to write about, as her writings are more rambling than usual.
She speaks of the new lock on the door. It is apparently of the type that latches if the door is closed while the latch is down.

Thu April 16


We have a dozen little chicks & no colt yet. Bill & your dad went after sasafras today & got a young Buff cochan Rooster, he is even afraid of our hens. I am alone as usual but they locked the door when they went away.

I called on Mother Feasel this afternoon. I told her how you liked her, it pleased her & the old man too. I do hope the mare won't put it off much longer.

I will have to empty the ash pan. I am afraid of this door since the safety lock is put on it, I often forget & if left out I would have to go somewhere.

It just struck 8 o'clock.

Nellie (illegible) came after Bill yesterday but he said he could not go till tomorrow, I don't know why. I am glad the chickens made up, our chickens are so cranky. I would like to keep this Buff cochan he got today, it is so light. I guess it only got what it hunted, he is afraid too.

My pen is trying to play out. I took 2 tablets tonight as the sick head ache threatening. Your dad sits up at night with the mare. Say, you was here when Fry came after him. His mare had her colt this morn. He was fooled that time, he thought it was dead. It's all right. They got lots of sasafras today & planted another tree. The one they did plant died, but my balm tree lived. Wasn't this a pretty day?

I got your postal & a letter from J H this evening. J S came after you started yesterday. He said he started out to see how the people was. My chicks has white spots on top of their heads. Plymouth Rock is why they get their growth so soon, is why I like them the best. The snow in Colorado is 2 feet deep. I am glad I am not there. It is cold enough here for me.

Come when you can & I will do the same. I am oh so glad to see my kids one & all of them.
Ma M