Letter From Mother, Bettsville, Ohio
To Kate Benefiel, Toledo, Ohio
December 1, 1909
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell


In this final letter of the Benefiel series, mother tells of several deaths, and other news about friends & relatives.
It is also clear that she very much misses seeing her grown up children more often.
Mother even shares her flowers with Katsy, as petals were inserted with the letter.

Wed Dec 1 1909


Jerome brought me 3 letters, one from Minervie Green telling of her Aunt Mahalah Doren's death, & one from Uncle Ide Green. Aunt Polly is sleeping on the lounge. She did want to go to Tiffin this morn but Jerome over persuaded her. She is going to John's to stay all winter. George's I guess will go to Florida to spend the winter. Jakies has gone to York state. I guess she says she don't know where she will stay. We stayed at Mollie's yesterday & visited John Hoke's the day before, they live on the Rambeau farm.

Katsy, why don't you ask questions? I would, your dad is as busy as a back house rat. When are you people coming to see us again? I have almost forgot how you look. Jerome says my kids are all that I want to see. I ain't heard from Fay for a while. I hope she is all right.

I done my ironing this forenoon. Minervie had got a letter from Nick's girls that married Lillus Ruse close. Nick you understand. They told about Mahalah's death. Nervie always sends me flowers. I will send them to you. Ain't you & Ed never going to lay off & rest up & visit us? We ate our Thanksgiving dinner at Jennie's. She had a bad spell at the Millinery shop the other night. Lena was with her but deserted her when she seen there was something wrong. She pulled her shoes & stockings off. Lulu Depp happened to be there & ran for Mollie. She had not had a spell since she had been doctoring with the last doctor. She came here crying, poor child, how I did pity her.

I am taking a new medicine. I believe it will cure me with God's help.

Come Come Come

(The back of the letter says:)
Nervie Green sent me these flowers.
(The back of the letter has a light brown stain, presumably from the flower petals.)