Letter From Sister Ella, New London, Ohio
To Mrs. William (Sarah) Stahl, Attica, Ohio
December 29, 1907
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell


In this letter Ella tells Sarah all about her holidays.
She describes in detail what her children got for Christmas.

New London, O, Dec 29 1907

Mrs. William Stahl
Sister Sarah

I will write you a few lines this evening. We are all well and I hope when this reaches you it will find you people well.

Where did you spend your Christmas. We spent ours at home. We had a tree for the children and they string popcorn and put it on the tree. I wish you could (have) seen them in (the) morning, how glad they were. I will tell you what the children got. Ivan got a sled, book, checkers, hose, goods for an overshirt, candy, orange, peanuts and niggertoes. Anita got a dolly buggy, jack in the box, tiddledy winks, hose, under shirts, gingharm for aprons, plate, white ribbon, candy, book, orange, peanuts and niggertoes. Sam gave me a ring for my present. I gave Sam a dollar for his present. Ivan's teacher gave him candy and orange.

We have two weeks vacation. John Smith's family were over Christmas. Anita talks lots about the baby, and she wants to know what you call her. She says Leona is a nice name.

I made my hard soap last week. I made 24 pounds of grease into soap. Does your hens lay, mine does not. We talk of butchering this week. We have three to butcher, and we killed a beef and sold three quarters of it. Sam and the children are asleep. We are going to John Smith's New Years evening. I will send you that stocking pattern. Ivan wrote a letter to Lester this evening. I wrote a letter to Anna when I came home but I have not heard from her yet.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. I will bring my letter to a close.
Write soon.

From your Sister Ella