Letter From Jesse Stoner, Helena, Montana
To Miss Jessie Stoner, Green Springs, Ohio
November 11, 1898
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell

In the final part of the 11 letter Stoner collection, Jesse offers much encouragement and advice to Jessie.

(On a half sheet of Sands Brothers Dry Goods stationary)

Helena, Mont. 11/11.98

My Dear Jessie,

You are right, I was very lonesome a first after Aunt Sallie left for Fremont, but I am getting used to being alone again, but nevertheless I was glad to hear from you and I think you are mistaken when you say you do not write a good letter, for you do and I do enjoy reading them, but I have so many letters to write and such little time to write them that I am not a very good correspondent. Myself you see I like to get two or three to my one. I can not guess why you think Aunt Libbie did not enjoy her visit with you, for she wrote me she enjoyed it very much. You did not say just what book she gave you but I hope it was something you liked.

I was glad you got to go to the "Two Orphans". I think that an occasional treat of that kind will not hurt your studies much, but of course when you are studying too much of that kind of amusement takes your mind from your studies. So you think you would rather have a ring than a watch, do you. Well perhaps if you wait until you are a little older, you will get a much nicer one when you get it. I am afraid Santa Clause will be poor this year. My paper has run out so must stop.

With love for Ethel and all
Your loving Uncle

(written on the border of the last page)
I will try to write a nicer letter next time.