Letter From Jesse Stoner, Helena, Montana
To Mrs. John Lee (Ida) Stoner, Green Springs, Ohio
January 15, 1888
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell

In this letter from Jesse Stoner to his brother's wife Ida, most of the content is centered around the recent birth of a new baby daughter to "Lee" and Ida Stoner. That baby girl was Jessie Stoner, named for brother Jesse. Apparently the baby has been ill, and Ida fears that the Lord may be punishing her for some reason. It becomes clear that it has been 3 or 4 years since they have seen each other, as Jesse comments to that effect after receiving a photo of his brother. He also states his eagerness to also receive one of Ida and the baby, as he wishes all a happy new year.


Dear Ida
Your letter came to hand some time ago. I did not think the present worthy of a letter but was glad to hear from you though.

I would like to see the young lady very much. Suppose of course she is as pretty as she is sweet, and only hope she may truly prove very, very, much better than the one she is named after. In her life any way. I may be mistaken but, I do not think you need fear the Lord's anger in loving devotion, and care for your little daughter. Is that not what he gives them and places them with you for, and can scarcely think he would take them away for that reason. And truly hope by this time your fears augmentless as to her health, of course she will have the usual routine of childish ills to go through but sincerely hope all may be passed safely.

I was very glad to get Lee Photo, as I never had one of him, but do not think it quite as good as some I have seen. Still three or four years makes quite a difference in our appearance. Lee also promised me one of yourself and baby which I hope to receive soon.

And sincerely wish you all there a prosperous and Happy New Year.
Yours Affectionately,