Letter From Jesse Stoner, Helena, Montana
To Mrs. John Lee (Ida) Stoner, Green Springs, Ohio
June 16, 1888
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell

In this letter, Jesse Stoner expresses great pride in brother Lee & Ida Stoner's baby girl, Jessie. He also seems a bit homesick for Green Springs. As a part of this train of thought, Jesse comments about the fact that everyone has moved away from Green Springs except Lee & Ida.

June 16th 88

My Dear Ida

The picture of little Jessie came safely to hand and I am indeed quite proud of her.

As babies go, and as they all look alike to me, I think she is an exception and quite handsome. I only wish I could see her this summer, but I am afraid I will hardly be able to do that.

I would have liked dearly to have sent her some nice white dresses & etc. this summer but as the aunties went to Florida I had to send any extra amount of money to Father to help fix up the house and get in company order to receive them, and then if they had not found a furnished house I am afraid they would have found poor quarters. How ever I am very glad to have them there and only hope they may find it so pleasant they will want to stay.

I suppose the Springs looks very pleasant now but I am afraid it would seem greatly changed to me. Sallie the aunties and aunt Kate's gone away and no one but you and Lee left.

Hope you and Lee are both well this summer, and with a kiss for Jessie and your self and Love to Lee, with thanks again for the picture.

And affectionately Yours