Letter From Jesse Stoner, Helena, Montana
To Mrs. John Lee (Ida) Stoner, Green Springs, Ohio
April 30, 1890
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell

With Lee in Florida to look after his sick father, Jesse expresses regret in not being able to go himself. At the same time he is apologetic about not having written more often. Time and distance are beginning to take it's toll, as it so often does.

April 30 90

Dear Ida

Your letter at hand.

Like you I was almost sorry I had not gone my self after I got to thinking over the matter. I thought if Father was not well enough to come home with Lee someone should of stayed with him, but we have a cold country out here and since I have been sick I was almost afraid to risk the warm weather, besides going from here could cost me nearly 100$ and I thought I would rather pay 1/2 the expense than travel so far, and there again I wanted Lee to go down and have him see what he thought about the grove. I have been trying to get Father to sell it and come up to the Springs to live - but he did not want to and I wanted Lee to see what he thought about it. I have been putting a great deal of money in it, more I am afraid than I will ever get out. Still ones duty to ones parents can not be counted in dollars and cents, and I am almost sorry I did not go, as I may have to go yet.

Was very much obliged to you for the letter. I am afraid I already owe you one, but if you only knew how busy I am and how I dislike to write when I have nothing to say and when you do not know or are not interested in anyone out here to write about you would excuse me. I know I think I have owed Sallie a letter for six months or more. I drop a line to Besse occasionally but owe her one for a month or two.

Hope the others may keep well and think Lee will never regret going especially if Father does not improve. I am already reproaching myself for not going, and the trip is worth to Lee all it cost to know what to do with the land.

With love to all I am sincerely Yours,