Letter From Jesse Stoner, Helena, Montana
To John Lee Stoner, Green Springs, Ohio
January 13, 1892
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell

Jesse Stoner acknowledges a letter of thanks from Lee for Christmas gifts sent to the children, and he speaks of the spirit of giving. Jesse also speaks of an inventory, presumably from the estate of a recently departed.

Jan 13 92

My Dear Lee

Your letter of thanks at hand. I am more than pleased to know the children were happy, that is what Xmas is for and I was also glad you wrote about your Xmas and glad you had a tree for them. While they are small let them have a good time if possible, and even a little more than you can afford. It is much better than to give them more money when you are gone but a dull cheerless house to remember all their life. I only wish I could have sent more, and more to the aunties but times are very quiet, am working very little and am trying to build on one of my vacant lots, takes all loose money.

Nothing could have pleased me more than the picture you spoke of, and some time when you have them finished I will be glad to get them.

Statement will follow in a day or two, have been working day and night and Sunday to finish Inventory. Am afraid you will be disappointed, but I am not much surprised.

With much love to all and a Happy New Year and prosperous one.
Your Bro