Letter From Jesse Stoner, Helena, Montana
To Mrs. John Lee (Ida) Stoner, Green Springs, Ohio
June 5, 1894
Transcribed by Stephen J. Hartzell

Financially hard pressed, Jesse, as usual, wishes he could do more. Again he wishes he could be with Lee and family.

June 5, 1894

My Dear Ida

Your kind letter at hand -
I am sure it was not enough to require thanks. I am only sorry it was not more. I did not send Bess much at Xmas and as she wanted a dress sent her a (illegible) - Would like to have included your self and Sallie but the world has not been going quite as smooth with me lately as it might. Am still a little hard pushed. Bess often writes about the children, seems to think a great deal of them, also Sallie. I am glad to hear Jessie is getting along so well at school. Give them my best love and a kiss, and hope the time may come when I can give them in person something more substantial than a kiss.

Love to all