Alfred J. "Nig" Meier

Years as Calvert Head Football Coach - 1925-28

Career Record - 15-12-5 (46.8%)

League Membership During Career
Independent - 1925-28

Alfred Meier coached for 4 years beginning with the 2nd season, giving Wishy Kramer a chance to finish college at Heidelberg. Under Meier, Calvert recorded their first 2 winning seasons. He left the program with an all-time winning record for the first time in it's young history.

After leaving Calvert he became the night operator at Ohio Power Company. On November 15, 1946 at 7:30 a. m., as he was finishing up his shift at the power plant, he was suddenly stricken with a heart attack. He died in the elevator as he was being admitted to Mercy Hospital. His death came at the young age of 47.