Mike Nye 

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Status - Past Driver
Home - Unknown
Car Number - M1, 33
Car Owners - Nye
Car Specs - Unknown
Favorite Tracks - Attica, Fremont, Oakshade, Millstream, Orrville, Mansfield
Time Period - 1992 - 1998
Web Site - Unknown
Email - Unknown

This is quoted from an email from Mike Nye.

"I started racing 305's in 1992 while still in the Army.  I only raced about 10-12 time a year for '92 (lime green M1) & '93(black M1), when I could get some time away from the service.  I raced a full season in '94(black M1).  Crashed out part way thru '95(black 33) & 96(yellow 33).  Didn't race in '97, but loaned my car to Scott Kraylek (the blue M1) for the last half the year.  Ran part of '98(blue M1) and retired from racing to raise a family and get an Associates Degree. I especially need to thank Doug Ludwig, John Wisbon, John Aller and my Dad for helping me get started and keep going.  My dad has worked at Attica since it first opened in '88.  He started out running the fuel pumps with Mike Linder and now currently does the computer work for the message center, in the infield. Eventually, I would like to get back in but my family comes first right now."

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