A Word About Unidentified Family Pictures
By Stephen J. Hartzell

Many families have found themselves in the possession of a group of pictures that they can't identify. Over time, they become of
no value to the family. That is exactly how these old pictures end up being sold in mass quantities at Flea Markets & Antique
Shops. Nobody knows who the people in the picture are.

It is important for this reason, that you identify the people on your family pictures and write them on the back.
Recently me & some of my sisters went through all of my dad's pictures and did that very thing with him. Many of them could
only have been identified by him.

My advice to you, don't get rid of these pictures! Examine them for clues; show them to anyone who might have been told who
they were. Find out where all of your relatives lived. Perhaps a connection can be made if you can estimate a date, and check
to see who lived in Sycamore, Ohio, for example, at that time, and maybe you discover that great uncle Joe lived in Sycamore.

Even if these pictures are never identified, you can assume that most, if not all of them are relatives.
That alone makes them worth keeping.