Rock Run Church & Cemetery

Eden Township, Seneca County, Ohio

The History of a Small Pioneer Congregation

By Stephen J. Hartzell

The Rock Run Church in it's later years, probably about 1880, before the road was regraded.
This simple frame structure was located about 200 feet north of Rock Creek, adjacent to the present cemetery.
Photo submitted by Tara Vannette (It was identified on the back)

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Color Photos By Stephen J. Hartzell
Taken May 25, 2001

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It is located in the northeast 1/4 of section 4 of Eden Township.

For many years this peacefull little piece of land on the high bank overlooking Rock Creek was known to the people of Eden township as a popular meeting place, a place of worship and even the site of a small schoolhouse. Before the white settlers arrived it was the site of indian burial mounds. Today all traces of those things are gone, and the remnants of a small seldom-visited cemetery are all that remain.

This land was originally deeded to Samuel Heninger by the United States Government on August 20, 1821, but it is quite possible that he never lived on this land. On February 7, 1826 he sold the entire northeast 1/4 of section 4 to John Searles for $440.

John Searles was born on February 20, 1775 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. After his marriage to Jane Duncan he moved to New Lancaster, Ohio. He was drafted into the Army in 1812. A significant portion of his service was spent in the Sandusky River valley where the army had significant numbers of indian allies.

The graves of Jane & John Searles
The founder's grave may be the simplest in the entire cemetery.

After the war he returned to the Sandusky Valley. With his family, and a number of other pioneer settlers, he came to Fort Ball and resided in one of the blockhouses. John Searles made his way through the dense forest land, and finally he reached Rock Creek where it crossed the old army trail that extended from Croghansville (now part of Fremont) to Delaware. He built a log cabin on high ground overlooking the creek, a few miles northeast of the Van Meter Indian Reservation.

In 1820, Isaac Harrington laid out the Morrison State Road. It extended from Lower Sandusky (now part of Fremont) to Delaware, Ohio, roughly following the old army trail, which was also one of the early mail routes. In April of 1821 Mr. Searles, along with John, Hugh, Thomas and Henry Welch helped open a section of this road through Clinton and Eden townships. This provided a means of traveling to and from Fort Ball and other points more easily. (In 1821, the settlement of Tiffin had not yet been established.)

A section of the old Morrison State Road as it rises up from Rock Creek toward Rock Run.
This aproach from the creek was regraded in the 1880's.

After having obtained deed to the property upon which his cabin rested in 1826, he went about the business of building a more permanent home for his family.

Henry Wolf, a veteran of the War of 1812, died on May 15, 1825 and was buried here. On September 28, 1828 Daniel Searles, son of John and Jane, died and was buried north of the old cabin. These would prove to be the first 2 known burials in what would later become Rock Run Cemetery. Another old grave is that of Nelly Bellamy, wife of Aaron Bellamy. It appeared to be inscribed, and has been recorded with a date that would have made it the oldest surviving grave in Seneca County, October 9, 1812. The digital photograph shown below shows what the naked eye does not, Oct. 3, 1842.

The grave of Nelly Bellamy

By late spring of 1830 the new family home had been completed and the family moved into it. By this time other families had begun to populate the area.

The Searles family were devout members of the Methodist Episcopal faith. The old cabin had for some time been used as a meeting house, and was a popular stopping point for preachers. On June 1, 1830 John Searles donated 1 square acre of land near Rock Creek for the purpose of establishing a Methodist Episcopal Church. The land was adjacent to the south side of the present cemetery, and also contained an old barn. The deed names a group of trustees as the holders of the deed. They were named as follows; James Herrin, William McEwen, Hugh Welch, William Murray and Joseph Richards. The making of the deed was witnessed by Reuben Williams and Hezekiah Searles, Johnís son. Many of these people were eventually buried in Rock Run Cemetery.

The Tiffin Daily News of July 29, 1896 contains the following, which was part of a short biographical sketch of Robert Nichols. It helps to paint a picture of this area in the year 1831 when the Nichols family arrived here.

"The family took up their quarters in an abandoned school house which stood just opposite to where the Rock Run church now stands in Eden township. As the furniture in those days was all made by hand and the demand great by reason of so many new families moving in, they could get neither bedstead nor chairs. They slept on the benches and floor. There was one chair in the house, a present from Mrs. Searles to Mrs. Nichols. At that time a log church stood where the Rock Creek frame church is now."

Below is the land opposite Rock Run where the schoolhouse likely stood.

Names of some members of the Rock Run congregation were gleaned from Missionary Donor lists.
In these records they are sometimes refered to as members of "Rock Run Sabbath School".

John Williams, Joseph Herrin, Henry Freese, Joseph Richards, James McEwen, Edward Richards, J. W. Searles, H. Huber, Eliza Fleet, Mary (Delray?), James M. Cole, John Thompson, D. Herrin, H. Richards, Mary McEwen, Elphonse Huss, Hannah Richards, Priscilla Cole, Isabella Richardson, Mary Herrin, William Hewlet, A. G. Searles, Thomas B. Richardson, L. Richardson, Mary Huber, Eliza A. Searles, U. Richards, Ann Sponable, Catherine Rainy, A. Vannatta, Eliza Cole, Rev. O. Pearce & wife, H. Searles, Byron Sloat, J. L. Cook, L. A. Cole, W. J. Kaul, Elis Depper, J. Vannette, R. Kemp, E. A. Searles, P. W. Searles, M. McCollister, B. Faulkner, B. Vannette, Mr. Cash, N. E. Herrin, M. Williams, M. Thompson, C. F. Searles, E. Stoner, T. Hiskey, E. Debbon, J. S. Funk, F. Fleet, George E. Cole, Mrs. E. Faulkner, Mary Kaul, Samuel Koch, Susan Nagle, Katie M. Muller, C. Vannette, Lucy Fleet, Anna Huston, Mary Derr, Maggie M. Richards, D. Derr, M. H. Koch, H. Cole, Reuben Conant, L. Usted, Jacob W. Horgert, L. H. Hefert, Luther Vannette,

The following baptisms were gleaned from the records of the Pleasant Ridge Methodist Church. They all took place at the Rock Run Church. The first 6 were performed by Rev. Charles D. Patterson, and the last 2 by Rev. J. H. Johnson.

  • Lily F. Harshman, d/o James & Anna Harshman, 13 July 1879
  • Henry H. Harshman, s/o James & Anna Harshman, 13 July 1879
  • Etta M. Harshman, d/o James & Anna Harshman, 13 July 1879
  • Charles H. Thompson, s/o J. C. & Harriet Thompson, 13 July 1879
  • George Baker, Adult, Feb. 1881
  • Mary Cole, Adult, 14 Aug 1881
  • Laura Bidleman, Adult, 16 Sep 1883
  • Clara Bell Glenn, Infant, 17 Sep 1883

  • The Tiffin Daily News of July 21, 1896, contained an interesting story, the text of which appears below.

    "Rev. Wm. H. Guyer wrote the following note to the Upper Sandusky Chief yesterday:

    Several weeks ago while walking on the streets of Tiffin I was accosted by two (men), who cried: "Hands up your money or your life." whereupon I was relieved of my money and my watch. I then said I never wanted another such a stirring experience. But how vain are all our hopes.

    For while on the streets of Upper Sandusky Saturday afternoon, I was accosted by three men and ordered to march on and say nothing. I was ordered into Braun Bros. jewelry store, threw up my hands, and stood speechless, while Henry Shultz and John Paulin guarded me, as Phillip Bloom ran his hand into my vest pocket, dropped a gold watch and fastened it with a gold chain. I made inquiry and found that they were but representatives of my good friends of Rock Run and Eden Center. May Heaven bless these kind donors."

    The church remained in use for about 70 years as a place of worship and for public meetings. By 1900 it was abandoned.

    The will of Catherine Vannette, who died in 1891, expressed the wish that 6 acres of her land be ultimately turned over to the cemetery by her son Abel. (Abel's grandfather, Thomas was a devout member of the church, and an original resident of this area.) This land was located adjacent to the north edge of the old cemetery.

    On September 22, 1894, The Rock Run Cemetery Association was formed for the purpose of the transaction of business on behalf of the cemetery. The trustees of this not for profit association were listed as follows: Tillman Litzenberger, Brognard Van Nette, Richard A. Colen, Charles W. Beck, & John K. Rohn. (These Articles of Incorporation, and a passbook taken out with the Commercial National Bank in June of 1937 by R. J. Beidelman, are the only records of this association I have ever found. The Articles were cancelled due to inactivity Aug. 31, 1964.)

    On October 15, 1894, Abel Van Nette did transfer the 6 acres to The Rock Run Cemetery Association as a gift. However, it appears that no burials were ever made in that portion.

    Another interesting fact was recounted in the 1892 Smithsonian Annual Report. In 1886 Russell J. Thompson excavated 2 of 3 indian burial mounds near this site. One of these was located about 100 feet north of the old church, and the other 2 across the creek. These 3 mounds all contained bodies of indians. Evidence unearthed there revealed that a funeral pile was formed, over which meat from various animals were cooked for a feast. After the funeral feast, the pottery and animal bones were scattered over the graves, together with pipes and other objects that had evidently been usefull during the persons lifetime. The mounds were then completed.

    The skeleton timbers of the old church were still visible at the time of the WPA cemetery survey in the early 1930ís. The only possible sign of it that remains today is a shallow pit in the woods that is nearly filled with rocks.

    Two graves, those of Victor A. and Elizabeth Rowland in the southeast woods, mark the site of the old log church.

    The Rowland graves in the south woods

    The WPA survey says that the cemetery covered 4 acres. (Actually it was 7 acres, with only 1 used.) The present site covers only 1 acre. The other 6 acres were ultimately sold in the late 1970's, after a long court battle, to Rev. Joe Grim, then pastor of the Ebeneezer United Methodist Church.

    With the first confirmed burial in 1828, the cemetery was heavily used beginning about 1840. Itís use became uncommon after 1900, and the last known burial was in 1938 when John Fix was buried near his parents, George and Barbara.

    Over the years many of the markers have been broken, lost or discarded. It appears as though roughly half remain standing to this day. The remaining graves are known only to God.

    My grandfather, Thomas Hartzell took a special interest in the care of our graves at this cemetery. At least once a year he and the entire family visited them and cleared them of their tall weeds and saplings.

    The Hartzell graves at Rock Run

    There are at least 8 cemeteries in Seneca County that are now lost and totally unmarked. At one time Rock Run was in danger of becoming #9. Then finally some people, including the Hartzells & the Bowmans, contacted an attorney. The result was that a caretaker was hired by the Methodist Church for the care of this historic site. That 1st such caretaker was Jim Ohler, who cared for the cemetery until it was finally turned over to the Eden Township Trustees in the late 1970's. A flower bed was kept up for a number of years, but it's planting was discontinued in 1981.

    Robert Hartzell found Hiram Hartzellís marker in the woods and returned it to itís rightful place, setting it in concrete and straightening the rest of our markers.

    The gravestone of Hiram Hartzell - nearly lost

    Many other broken markers were stored for a long time in a pile in the northwest corner of the cemetery. Those markers are now discarded, apparently as a part of the cleanup.

    Today the Rock Run Cemetery is kept mowed and even the leaves are raked. Many stones are broken, crooked, fading and become harder to read with each passing year. But more importantly it still remains. It is the final resting place of our ancestors and a piece of history for their descendants.

    The gravestone of Corp'l J. D. Williams leans against another grave.
    He was given this government issued marker, as a Civil War Veteran.

    Special thanks are due to Thomas Eberly, attorney,  for the use of his casefile on Rock Run Cemetery

    Rock Run Cemetery Inscriptions
    Some are as recorded in "Cemetery Inscriptions of Seneca County, Ohio"


    If you have an obituary or a biography of someone who is buried at Rock Run, or of anyone mentioned in the above article, you can submit it to me and I will post it and link it to their name.

    Unmarked Graves
    (Exact locations unknown)

  • GLICK, Lydia (Swander), d. May 1847 (From "History of the Swander Family" by Rev. John I. Swander, D. D., 1898)
  • MYERS, John, d. 1841, s/o James & Sarah H. (Died the same year as a sister, Maria, whose grave remains. According to a biographical sketch they are both buried at Rock Run.)
  • FREES, John, Revolutionary War Veteran (According to Warner Beers History of Seneca County, Ohio)
  • RICHARDS, Joseph, War of 1812 Veteran (According to Warner Beers History of Seneca County, Ohio)
  • SOURS, Ambrose, d. July 31, 1910, age 74 years. (According to an obituary from the Seneca Advertiser)
  • PHILLIPS, John, d. July 1, 1902 (According to Record of Veterans Burials, buried in row 1, Phillips section)



    The Rowland Graves
    (Located in the South Woods, by themselves, near the former site of Rock Run Church)

  • ROWLAND, Elizabeth, w/o V. A., d. July 31, 1892, 44y 7m 2d
  • ROWLAND, Victor Alexander, b. Dec. 11, 1840, d. June 12, 1897



    Thornburgh Section
    (Located on the North side in an area by itself)
    East Section

  • THORNBURGH, Eli, 1789-1854 (War of 1812 Veteran)
  • THORNBURGH, Sarah (Meyers), 1796-1869 (Father Henry Meyers was a Revolutionary War Soldier)
  • THORNBURGH, Martha, 1782-1867
  • THORNBURGH, Harrison, 12 May, 1828-1912 (Civil War Veteran) (1852, California Gold Rush prospector)

  • West Section
  • THORNBURGH, Margaret E., 1839-1854
  • THORNBURGH, Martha S., 1830-1891
  • THORNBURGH, Mary C., 1835-1897
  • THORNBURGH, Alice, 1855-1900

  • The Thornburgh Section

    Vannette Section
    (Located in a partitioned area of the Main Section near the East side)
    East Section

  • VANNETTE, Rachel, d. Oct. 15, 1890, 77y 3m 3d
  • UMSTED, Isabel (VANNETTE),  d. Oct. 13, 1892, 76y 7m 29d
  • VANNETTE, Abel, d. May 4, 1900, 83y 3m
  • CRAMER, Jane (VANNETTE), w/o Enos, d. Feb. 13, 1890, 72y 10m 2d

  • North Section
  • SNEATH, Martha (VANNETTE),  w/o William, d. May 15, 1848, 25y 3m
  • VANNETTE, Catherine, d. Aug. 8, 1891, 64y 6m 17d
  • VANNETTE, Elizabeth, d. Nov. 29, 1884, 52y, 9d

  • West Section
  • VANNETTE, Thomas, Dec. 5, 1780 - Mar. 7, 1854, 73y 3m 2d
  • VANNETTE, Isabel (BEARD), w/o Thomas, June 18, 1790 - Apr 9, 1861, 70y 9m 2d

  • South Section
  • VANNETTE, Benjamin, Mar. 25, 1857, 59y 9m 9d
  • BURNSIDE, Sarah (VANNETTE), w/o Joseph, d. Jan. 16, 1854, 44y 11m 20d
  • SNEATH, Peggy (VANNETTE), w/o William, d. Dec. 30, 1899, 78y 9m
  • VANNETTE, infant d/o A. & S. A., d. July  22, 1859
  • ------------, Caroline, infant d/o Mary E. & ?, d. Dec. 20, 1852
  • VANNETTE, infant s/o L. & A., d. Aug. 9, 1861

  • The Vannette Section within it's stone border

    Remaining Section
    ROW 1

  • MURREY, Matilda, d/o Reason & Rebecca, d. Dec. 23, 1853
  • MURREY, Rezin (Reason)
  • MURREY, Samantha, d/o Reaason & Rebecca, d. June 23, 1852, 11m 11d
  • MURREY, Rebecca
  • LEIDY, William W., s/o E. G. & S. J., d. Dec. 27, 1848
  • MURREY, Jacob, s/o Rezin & Rebecca, d. Feb. 25, 1838, 4m 3d
  • MURREY, Margret, d/o Rezin & Rebecca, d. Aug. 1, 1845, 2y 8m 20d
  • HERIN, Hannah, d. Oct. 13, 1879, 23y 11m 20d
  • HERIN, David, s/o J. & H., d. Mar. 24, 1863, 24y 7m 10d (Died In Civil War)
  • HERIN, infant d/o J. & H., d. Aug. 19, 1854
  • HERIN, infant s/o J. & H., d. Sep. 8, 1835, 5m
  • HERIN, Anne, d. Sep. 19, 18__, 5m
  • SPOONER, Nancy E., d/o J. & H. HERIN, d. Mar. 3, 1880, 35y 8m
  • PHILLIPS, Allison, 1810 - 1899
  • PHILLIPS, Marie, 1812 - 1883
  • PHILLIPS, Leroy, 1835 - 1846
  • PHILLIPS, Orson B., 1837 - 1864
  • PHILLIPS, Homer F., 1839 - 1862
  • PHILLIPS, Ann, 1842 - 1849
  • PHILLIPS, William, 1845 - 1868
  • PHILLIPS, Mary, 1846 - 1847
  • PHILLIPS, Adelia, 1849 - 1863
  • PHILLIPS, Alice A., 1853 - 1940
  • PHILLIPS, Alford B., 1858 - 1929



    ROW 2

  • LEIDY, Candic,
  • LEIDY, Clarinda,
  • LEIDY, Rolla C., d. June 23, 1876, 17y 23d
  • LEIDY, Jane, d. Nov. 20, 1890, 77y 11m 16d
  • LEIDY, Esaw C, d. June 15, 1885, 67y 10m 8d (War Veteran)
  • ANKNEY, Rachel, d. June 11, 1865
  • FREES, Rachel, w/o Jacob, d. June 7, 1867, 75y 4m 5d
  • FREES, Jacob, d. June 15, 1832, 44y 2m 5d
  • HERIN, John,
  • HERIN, Ann Catherine, d/o Samuel & Tabitha Ann, d. Aug. 26, 1844, 3y 8m 26d
  • HERIN, Hanna, 1814 - 1893
  • HERIN, Hanna Gullum, d. July 28, 1893, 78y 7m 19d
  • HERIN, Joseph, d. Feb. 13, 1887, 76y 7m 21d
  • HERIN, Joseph, 1810 - 1887
  • HERIN, Sarah, 1846 - 1936



    ROW 3

  • FREES, Mary, Dec. 20, 1824 - Mar. 22, 1896
  • FREES, John M., d. May 12, 1854
  • FREES, Richard H., d. Nov. 2, 1861, 42y 6m 9d
  • FREES, Elizabeth, w/o John, d. Oct. 13, 1843, 32y 2m 10d
  • HERIN, Richard, d. Jan. 19, 1863, 66y 9m 27d
  • HERIN, Elenore,
  • HILL, Mary,
  • CAMP, Isabell, w/o Daniel, d. Mar. 26, 1868, 86y
  • RICHARDSON, Charles N., Feb. 26, 1828 - Mar. 15, 1874 (War Veteran)



    ROW 4

  • DEARER, Elizabeth, d/o Daniel, d. Feb. 9, 1838, 7y 9m 9d
  • MCEWEN, Sarah, d. Sept., 1842
  • MCEWEN, William, d. Aug. 7, 1840, 61y 8m 29d
  • CROSSLEY, Peter, Co. D, 123 Ohio Infantry (Civil War Veteran)
  • CROSSLEY, Rebecca A., w/o Charles, d. July 14, 1865, 42y 11m 23d
  • BEIBEL, Sarah A., w/o H., d. June 29, 1850, 19y 3m 29d
  • CROSSLEY, Samuel F., d. June 12, 1883, 32y 4m



    ROW 5

  • WOLF, Susannah, w/o Henry, d. Jan. 24, 1872, 78y 9m 21d
  • WOLF, Henry, d. May 15, 1825, 37y 10m 29d (War of 1812 Veteran)
  • WOLF, Christena C., w/o Jacob, d. Oct. 13, 1849, 88y 6m
  • CLARK, Joseph C., s/o H. & N., d. June 22, 1843, 10y
  • WOLF, Jacob, d. Mar. 2, 1834, 68y 2m 1d
  • CLARK, d/o H. & N., d. Aug. 13, 1845, 10m 15d
  • WOLF, Margaret, d/o J. & A., 1833
  • WOLF, Nancy, d/o J. & A., d. Sep 8, 1841, 1y 11m 23d
  • DILDINE, Eliza, d/o D. & M., d. Jan. 21, 1834, 17y 5d
  • DILDINE, Margaret, w/o Daniel, d. Mar. 10, 1862, 78y 5m 6d
  • DILDINE, Daniel, Sept. 24, 1781 - Sept. 27, 1872, 91y 2d
  • LITZENBERGER, Judith, w/o Seth (Solomon), d. Oct. 3, 1865, 55y 5m 7d
  • LITZENBERGER, Solomon, d. Oct. 9, 1880, 77y 8m 11d
  • BURGER, David B., Aug. 21, 1921 - Sept. 7, 1905
  • BURGER, Lydia (Litzenberger), his wife, Aug. 2, 1820 - July 8, 1906
  • BURGER, Milton M., s/o D. & L., Dec. 19, 1846 - June 15, 1867



    ROW 6

  • FUNK, Fannie, d/o G. H. & B., Feb. 5, 1881 - June 12, 1884
  • DILDINE, John M., Mar. 24, 1804 - Oct. 25, 1886
  • DILDINE, Elizabeth, his wife, Aug. 22, 1798 - Aug. 18, 1885
  • DILDINE, Eliza, d/o J. & E., d. June 25, ?
  • WOLFE, Mary A., w/o Meshach, d. Jan. 20, 1849, 28y 9m 27d
  • WOLFE, Mary L., d/o S. & L., d. 1850
  • EVANS, Eleanor, w/o Walter, d. Apr. 24, 1848, 60y
  • LITZENBERGER, William H., s/o S. & J., d. Apr 11, 1863, 14y 9m 19d
  • LITZENBERGER, William M., s/o A. & M., d. Apr. 22, 1862, 1y 3m 27d



    ROW 7

  • SEARLES, Alvin G., s/o H. & E. A., d. Nov. 30, 1863, 22y 1m 5d
  • SEARLES, Daniel R., s/o H. & E. A., d. Dec. 27, 1859, 20y 2m 10d
  • LAMBERSON, Susannah (Jacoby), w/o Daniel, d. Dec.14, 1844, 70y 10m 14d
  • LAMBERSON, Susannah, w/o Daniel, d. Dec. 14, 1844, 70y 19m 13d
  • LAMBERSON, Daniel, d. Dec. 5, 1852, 69y 2m 22d
  • McEWEN, Elizabeth Ann, w/o James, d. Feb. 8, 1852, 26y lm 26d
  • WARNER, Damarious A., d. Sept. 21, 1850, 27y
  • HOFFMAN, Catharine, d/o John & Margaret, d. Aug. 11, 1845, 16y llm 14d
  • KOCH, Sheldon S., s/o S & L, d. Aug. 2, 1871, 19y 9m 21d
  • KOCH, Ellen, d/o S & L, d. Apr. 5, 1864, 4y 7m 21d
  • KOCH, Lydia, his wife, Sept. 13, 1824 - May 29, 1909
  • KOCH, Solomon, Feb. 26, 1822 - Mar. 26, 1907
  • CORBETT, Jane, Mar. 8, 1829 - Oct. 28, 1905
  • GIBSON, Martha A., w/o B. M., d. Aug. 4, 1876, 18y 9m 18d
  • CORBETT, Martin, d. Oct. 8, 1891, 66y 10m 24d (War Veteran)
  • CORBETT, Elizabeth J., 1837-1925



    ROW 8

  • HEWITT, William, d. Aug. 3, 1879, 29y 7m 5d
  • HEWITT, Harriet, w/o William, d. June 14, 1876, 77y 6m
  • HEWITT, Hellen, d/o W. & H., d. Aug. 4, 1843
  • HEWITT, Mattie, d/o C.G. & J.E., d. Sept. 14, 1869, 4y 7m 10d
  • SERREL, Hanna, w/o John, d. Feb. 6, 1850, 45y 8m
  • WOLF, James, d. Sept. 1.4, 1859, 61y 1lm
  • WOLFE, Elizabeth, d/o J. & M., d. July 27, 1849, 1y 7m 17d
  • WOLFE, Mirty Grant, s/o W. & H., d. Nov. 1, 1874, 10d
  • WOLFE, Corpl. J. J.(Jefferson J.), Co. G 3 Ohio GAV (d. Feb. 27, 1883) (War Veteran)
  • DAILEY, Sarah E., d. July 31, 184?, 1y 1m 20d
  • DAILEY, Martin, d. Aug. 11, 1844, 3y 28d
  • KLINGAMAN, Michael, s/o John & Sarah, d. Sept. 25, 1848, 14y 5m 29d
  • KLINGAMAN, Sarah, w/o John, d. Sept. 5, 1878, 89y 5m 20d
  • KLINGAMAN, John, d. Mar. 10, 1852, 82y 6m
  • KNEPPLE, Harrie, s/o S.H. & S.E., d. May 4, 1864, 1y 7m 29d
  • KNEPPLE, Fannie, d/o S.H. & S.E., d. Mar. 8, 1864, 3y 3m 7d
  • HISKY, Clara A., d/o. J. & P., d. Aug. 19, 1861, 10y 5m 2d
  • HISKY, John, d. Dec. 6, 1872, 57y 11m 3d
  • COLE, Lucretia A., 1846-1930
  • COLE, Mary E. 1840-1921
  • COLE, Priscilla, w/o Elisha, d. Oct. 12, 1899, 85y 9m 12d
  • COLE, Elisha, d. Feb. 28, 1880, 78y 3m 6d



    ROW 9

  • CREAGER, Cornelius, d.Dec.16, 1839, 51y 20d
  • SHANK, George P., d.?, 37y 11m 19d
  • SHANK, Jerome C., s/o G.P. & A., d.Mar. 12, 1862, 17y 9m 16d
  • RICHARDSON, Thomas B., Nov. 1, 1781- Feb. 26, 1867
  • RICHARDSON, Ann N., his wife, Jan. 11, 1786- Apr. 29, 1871
  • RICHARDSON, George, Nov. 26, 1821-Nov. 23, 1893 (War Veteran)
  • RICHARDSON, Thomas, Aug. 1, 1824-Aug. 18, 1,835
  • RICHARDSON, John B., Apr. 1, 1819-Feb. 22, 1854
  • MASON, Thomas A., s/o A. & M.A., d. Sept. 20, 1838, 1y 2m 16d
  • MASON, Charles N., s/o Mr. & Mrs. A., d. Apr. 24, 1840, 3m 7d
  • MASON, Mary Ann, w/o Alexander,  d/o Thos. B. & Ann Richardson, d. Feb. 25, 1842, 25y 5m 29d
  • SLAYMAKER, ---, d. Oct. 17, 1853, 43y 2m 27d
  • SNEATH, William T., s/o J.B. & S., d. Feb. 21, 1849, 8y 6m 16d
  • SNEATH, Sarah P., d/o J.B. & S., d. Nov. 14, 1854, 6m 5d
  • SNEATH, Susannah, w/o J.B., d. July 3, 1859, 50y 11m 28d
  • WOLF, Alice A., d/o I. & P., d. Sept. 21, 1857, 4y 3m 22d
  • WOLF, Mary V., d/o I. & P., d. Sept. 22, 1857, 6y 4m 3d
  • WOLFE, Prudence, w/o Isaac, d. May 9, 1854, 25y 11m 11d
  • WOLFE, Isaac, d. Sept. 25, 1857, 35y 10m 21d (Mexican War Veteran)
  • WOLF, John, d. Jan. 28, 1859
  • BUTLER, David P., 10 Ohio L.A. (War Veteran)
  • COLE, Elmer, s/o R.A. & M., d. Sept. 16, 1891, 20y 7m 15d
  • COLE, Wilber, s/o R.A. & M., d. June 8, 1870, 2y 5m 9d
  • COLE, Malinda, w/o R.A., d. June 8, 1880, 35y 11m 1d
  • COLE, Richard A., 1834-1909



    ROW 10

  • SNEATH, Elizabeth, w/o R., d. Feb. 14, 1840, 60y
  • SNEATH, Isaac, d. Oct. 24, 1844, 32y 15d 3.
  • SNEATH, Mary, w/o Isaac, d. Aug. 28, 1851, 4y 9m 16d
  • SNEATH, Ruth, d. Apr. 23, 1842
  • MYERS, Maria L., d/o James & Sarah H., d. Feb. 13, 1841, 15y 11m 8d
  • BARTON, Jane, d. Nov 14, 1844, 80y
  • MORROW, Margaret, d/o C. & N., d. Feb. 22, 1848, 17y
  • MORROW, Henry, d. Dec. 18, 1850, 73y
  • MORROW, Margaret, d. May 18, 1836, 64y
  • MORROW, Charles, d. July 18, 1833, 38y
  • SEARLES, Daniel, d. Sept. 28, 1828
  • SEARLES, Rebecca, d. July 27, 18?0, 25y 9m
  • SEARLES, Jane, w/o John, d. Oct. 30, 1869, 89y 7m 3d
  • SEARLES, John, d. May 11, 1841, 70y
  • CLEVIDENCE, George, s/o G. & M., d. July 23, 1854, 12y 5m 21d
  • HUBER, Charley P., s/o E. & M., d. Nov. 9, 1851, 9y 8m
  • HUBER, Elizabeth, w/o John, d. Oct. 13, 1853, 25y 6m
  • WILLIAMS, Corpíl  J. D., Co. H 101 OH Inf. (d. May 5, 1880) (Civil War Veteran)
  • WILLIAMS, Ella, d/o J. & J., d. Mar. 20, 1869, 3y 10m 26d
  • COLE, Margarette, w/o Joshua, d. Dec. 31, 1877, 87y 5m 27d



    ROW 11

  • MURRAY, Estella R., d/o G.C. & A.M., d. Aug. 9, 1888, 29y 7m 25d
  • MURREY, William, d. Sept. 11, 1834, 60y (War of 1812 Veteran)
  • MURREY, Nancy, d. 1847
  • RAYMOND, Mariah, w/o Abram, d. Oct. 2, 1871, 21y 2m 9d
  • UMSTED, Jane Morrow, w/o David, d. Sept. 4, 1875, 45y 9m 17d
  • UMSTED, Aaron, s/o D. & J., d. Apr. 15, 1887, 12m
  • UMSTED, Horard, s/o D. & J., d. June 21, ?
  • UMSTED, John L., s/o D. & J., d. Aug. 6, 1863, 5m
  • UMSTED, Floyd, s/o D. & M., d. Apr. 29, 1861
  • ANDRE, Franklin M., s /o E. & C. d. Dec 18, 1873, 12y 2m 28
  • ANDRE, Milton J., s/o E. & C., d. Feb. 24, 1861, 24y 3m 18d
  • COVELL, Laura F., d/o Joshua & Cull(?), d. Feb. 2, 1866, 7y 1m 20d
  • SPENCE, Norman, s/o Thomas, & Minomia, d. Aug. 30, 1852, 2y 10m 7d
  • SPURRIER, Elizabeth, w/o Dennis, d. Dec. 25, 1868, 66y 7m 2d



    ROW 12

  • RICHARDS, Henrietta S., d. Oct. 4, 1854, 1y 5m 21d
  • ?, Naomi, w/o ?, d. June 28, 1835, 32y 2m 1d
  • STINCHCOMB, Mary, w/o G., d. Feb. 6, 1845, 72y
  • TROXELL, Pauliena C., d/o W.H. & S., d. Nov 10, 1853, 9d
  • NORRIS, Mary, w/o John, d. Oct. 24, 1848, 51y 2m 19d
  • NORRIS, Laura J., d/o George & Marie, d. Feb. 19, 1848, 2y 2, 2d
  • ROPER, Margaret A., w/o A.P., d. June 18, 18?7, 28y 1d



    ROW 13

  • SWANDER, Christina (Brinkruff), w/o Jos., d. Sept. 3, 1903, 85y 10m 19d
  • SWANDER, Joseph, d. Aug. 3, 1850, 40y 4m 11d
  • BEIDELMAN, Jonas, d. Dec. 29, 1884, 57y 3m 27d
  • BEIDELMAN, Anna M., 1837-1911



    ROW 14

  • REED, Mariah, w/o C.C., d/o C.V. & P., d. 1839, 25y 11m 13d
  • HAGER, Christian, s/o G. & M., d. Nov. 12, 1861, 31y 2m 7d
  • HAGER, George W., s/o G. & M., d. Nov 2, 1861, 6y 9m 22d
  • HAGER, Jeremiah: s/o G. & M., d. Dec. 5, 1861, 5y 6m 28d
  • SAVIAL, Levi, d. Nov. 22, 1879, 64y 7m 9d



    ROW 15

  • ??, s/o Theo, Mar. 9, 1842, 1m 5d
  • SNYDER, S.L. & J., d. Oct. 1, 1863, 1y 1m 7d
  • SNYDER, Dell Gerty, d/o S. & L., d. Oct. 30, 1867, 1y 8m 13d
  • HATZEL, Sarah (Schiffert), w/o R. Hatzel, d. Aug. 17, 1851, 33y 7m. 9d
  • HARTZEL, Hiram L., s/o R. & S. Hartzel, d. April 7, 1852
  • HARZELL, Leanda (Strauss), w/o Reuben Harzell, d/o I. & E. Strauss, d. July 18, 1855, 24y 9m 1d
  • HARTZELL, Ruben, b. Feb. 23, 1812, d. May 5, 1878, 66y 2m 12d
  • HARTZELL, Ellen (Clark), Mother, 1854-1878
  • HARTZELL, Harrison, s/o H. & E. Hartzell, 1873-1878
  • HARTZELL, Harrison, Dec. 25, 1841 - Jun. 3, 1917, Co. A, 4th Battalion OVI (Civil War Veteran)
  • HARTZELL, Catherine (Shuff), 1851-1921
  • STROUSS, Henry, Jan. 11, 1828 - Feb. 2, 1911, Co. G 180 Reg. O. V. I (Civil War Veteran)
  • STROUSS, Catherine (Snyder), his wife, Aug. 26, 1833 - Feb. 4, 1909
  • STROUSS, Freeman, Nov. 26, 1857 - Nov. 12, 1861
  • STROUSS, Rolla, July 5, 1860 - Nov. 28, 1861
  • STROUSS, Ida, Jan. 13, 1853 - Nov. 29, 1861
  • STROUSS, Nora, Oct. 14, 1854 - Feb. 20, 1856
  • STROUSS, Infants, Apr. 7, 1862 - Apr. 7, 1862
  • SNYDER, George, Sept. 22, 1804 - Sept. 24, 1889
  • SNYDER, Elizabeth, Mar. 23, 1807 - Feb. 2, 1882
  • SNIDER, George, s/o G. & E., d. Mar. 28, 1852, 7m 26d
  • SNYDER, Wilber, d. Jan. 11, 1893, 37y



    ROW 16

  • HOTTENSTEIN, Mary, w/o H., d. Feb. 21, 1850
  • DEPPEN, Elmer, s/o J. & M., d. Dec. 5, 1861, 3m 21d
  • MILLER, Christian,
  • HERSHEY, inf. s/o I. & A.E., d. Mar. 9, 1851, 6wks 2d
  • FIX, John, 1861-1938
  • FIX, George, d. May 5, 1882
  • FIX, Barbara, his wife, d. Mar. 25, 1895, 74y 8m 23d
  • SCHMITT, Peter, Mar. 26, 1863, im aller von 78j 11m 14t
  • SCHMITT, Katherina, Oct. 22, 1859, im aller von 67j 5m 25t
  • CLEVIDENCE, Mahala, w/o George, d. Jan. 12, 1863, 48y 22d
  • CLEVIDENCE, George, d. Jan. 6, 1880, 63y 6m 15d



    ROW 17

  • YOUNG, Arlington, s/o A. & S.A., d. Aug. 11, 1853, 1y 2m 27d
  • YOUNG, Peter, d. Apr. 1, 1856, 60y
  • BELLAMY, Nelly, w/o Aaron, d. Oct. 3, 1842

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