Shawhan Hotel Fire - 1976
As one who witnessed this fire, I remember this scene well.
The fire took place on a very cold night, and the water from the fire hoses froze quickly.
While all power was out in the building, these three letters glowed brightly in the night.
What an ominous sight it presented for those of us present!
It wasn't until later that we learned that the sign drew it's power from accross the street.
The heavily damaged building was purchased by the Hostler Brothers.
Fortunately for Tiffin, they soon installed a new roof to the building.
It then remained an empty burned out shell for the next 22 years.
In the late '90's it was purchased & beautifully renovated by Harrington at a cost of several million dollars.
Today Tiffin has it's landmark back, and it is being operated as a Sunrise Assisted Living facility for the retired community.