Wedding Party Pictures
Tiffin St. Mary's Catholic Church
January 27, 2007

The girls busily prepare to walk down the isle

"It's almost time, dad"
Best man Chad Hartzell & the groom

Mr. & Mrs. Hartzell

Aw, isn't that sweet?

Becky & Steve with Shirley Graham, the bride's mother

Becky & Steve with Bob Hartzell, the groom's father

Becky with her daughters, maid of honor Jamie Lang and bridesmaid Alison Lang

Becky with bridesmaid Alexis Hartzell, granddaughter

Becky with mischievious granddaughter Cassie Hartzell

Ring bearer Andrew Hartzell and Cassie, grandchildren

Maid of honor Jamie Lang and best man Chad Hartzell

Bridesmaid Sarah Hartzell and groomsman Jeremy Hartzell

Bridesmaid Alison Lang and groomsman Brian Young

Bridesmaid Alexis Hartzell and groomsman Travis Lang

This marriage makes for one large family!
Left to right:
Angela & Chad Hartzell, Alison Lang, Brian Young, Becky & Steve Hartzell, Jamie Lang, Travis Lang, Alexis Hartzell, Jeremy & Andrew Hartzell, Cassie Hartzell, Shannon Hartzell and Sarah Hartzell. 

My beautiful flower, Becky.

What God has joined.....