Thee Lost Souls Reunion
AMVETS, Tiffin, Ohio
July 31, 2009

Article By Stephen J. Hartzell
Photos by Stephen & Becky Hartzell

The popular Tiffin band of the mid 1960's reunited as Thee Lost Souls for the first time in over 40 years at the Tiffin AMVETS lodge on July 31, 2009. The proceeds from this event were all donated for the benefit of Juvenile Diabetes.

The band was composed of original members Mark Swint, Tony Paulus and Tim Berry, with Mark Armstrong filling in for Danny Paulus. The attendance at this event exceeded all expectations, as the club room and the outside doors all had to be opened to accomodate the way-beyond-capacity crowd.

Thee Lost Souls band was formed by four teenagers who were inspired to get together when the Beatles took the music world by storm in 1964. They, and many other kids of the mid 60's flocked to the music stores as a direct result of those groundbreaking times, and the Garage Band era was born. The four Tiffin lads practiced eight hours a day, and before too long they got their first gig at a birthday party in Fremont. As the boys became more seasoned, they became one of the most popular local bands in all of northwest Ohio, and they maintained a very busy schedule for several years.

On July 31, 2009, the band played for about three hours. The sets were based upon a vintage 1966 setlist that was found in one of Tony's guitar cases. Going into the event, my expectations were measured, since the guys had only about 3 1/2 weeks to prepare after a 40 year layoff. But I am telling you, these guys took these great old songs and had them really kicking! How refreshing it was to hear these guys stomp out such great old songs as Little Black Egg, Shout, Help, You're Gonna Lose That Girl, Glad All Over, Go Now and Heart Full Of Soul, and to see such a strong reaction from the big crowd. As the night wore on you could sense that the band was feeding off of the crowd's energy more and more.

This was indeed a very memorable event. We are all hoping that the band can repeat this event in 2010, as the guys have vowed to do.

The following are some of the pictures that Becky & I took at this event. I hope that these photos have captured the spirit of this night in some small way.

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Derrick & Derrick, a very talented country duo from Carey warmed up the stage prior to Thee Lost Souls set.

Veteran Tiffin keyboard player Steve Williams served as master of ceremonies.

Tony Paulus, Mark Swint, Mark Armstrong and Tim Berry belt out another classic tune.

This vintage souvenir photo was signed to a fan in 1968.

Mark Swint

Tony Paulus

Tim Berry

Mark Armstrong

A view of the huge crowd in attendance.

The dance floor was packed!

Folks on the dance floor crank the energy up a notch.

Pat Delturko filled in seamlessly on bass for a "tired" Tim Berry on the last few songs.

Mark Swint reconnects with some old friends between sets.


It's Cold Outside
Video compliments of Thee Lost Souls


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