Brandon Martin 

Status - Active
Home - Attica, Ohio
Car Number - 11
Division - 305 Econo & 410 Super Sprints
Car Owner - John Martin
Car Specs - Eagle Chassis, Ace engine
Favorite Tracks - Attica, Fremont
Web Site - Unknown
Email - Unknown

Brandon Martin, age 19,  made his 410 debut in a De Genzman owned #2 car at a 2 day All Star show at Fremont Speedway on September 7 & 8, 2001.

The Brandon Martin racing team has purchased the De Gensman ride that he tried out at the end of last season, complete. Early impressions at Fremont last season seem to indicate that this is a pretty fair package. The ride includes a Jimmy Dayton chassis from last season and one of De Gensman's Ace engines. The team has decided against running the 410 at Attica early in the season. They feel that Attica's speed and banking may be a bit much for Brandon right now, and the risk of tearing the car up at that track is too great. They will run the 305 at Attica and the 410 at Fremont in order to give the young driver more seat time with the bigger power plant. The 305 will be ready for the opener at Attica, and the 410 will be ready for the All Star opener at Fremont.
By the way, wait untill you see the cool new push vehicle they are building!!

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