Tiffin - Seneca County, Ohio
Historic Photo Page

Seneca County's 3 Courthouses
1855 Tiffin $5 Note
Tiffin Motor Trucks Brochure
Market St. Bridge Before 1883
Market St. Bridge About 1920
Miami St. School 1931
Miami St. School - Late '30's
Monroe St. Bridge 1911
Perry St. Bridge - About 1920
Old Photo of Rock Creek Looking West From Circular St.
Washington & Perry St. Bridges About 1920
U.S. Glass Company, Tiffin, Ohio
A Tiffin Glass Add
The Seneca County Academy (1844-1872) - Republic, Ohio
The Edison Chandelier - Donated by Thomas Edison in 1884
The Pioneer Mill (old photo)
St. Joseph Church - Interior View after the 1934 fire
St. Francis Orphanage - An Early View
Ebenezer Orphanage - Flat Rock
The Shawhan Hotel Fire - 1976

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